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Proudly Serving Green Valley, Amado & Sahuarita
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Why Smaller Trucks?

Why are Smaller Trucks so important?
Chick the picture and find out.

What Are Our Customers Saying?
The Baker's
The Baker's

" The service is very,very good and It is nice to deal with a local company with smaller trucks rolling through our streets."

Lauren Hillquist
Lauren Hillquist

" I would tell anyone who has doubts about the service give AWI a try, The service is excellent!"

Quail Creek Resident
-Lauren Hillquist

Conny Thompson
Conny Thompson

"The service is wonderful, the guys are on time and they set my can up near the garage door."

Canoa Sierra in Canoa Ranch
- Conny Thompson

Kathryn Lorenz - Quail Creek
Dick Sussman - Quail Creek

We switched to AWI several months ago and could not be happier. One advantage of AWI's twice a week service is that you can rid your garage of the big, bulky "mini-dumpster" that Waste Mgmt forced upon us. If you go with AWI, Walmart has an Ecoark 45-gallon wheeled trash can, with a hinged lid that does not blow open on windy days, for less than $20.

One day I was in our garage when AWI picked up our trash. Vince carried the can up our driveway and offered to stow it in the garage for me. Try getting that kind of service from Waste Mgmt or even a wave from their driver!  

Jeanne McIntosh

"Thank you for your outstanding service." Quail Creek Resident

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